About Edwin van den Berk

PB during the Düsseldorf marathon (April 28th, 2019)
PB during the Düsseldorf marathon (April 28th, 2019)

My Olympic dream

Sport has been very important throughout my life. In my younger years this was mainly speed skating (with cycling and running in the summer time), swimming and field hockey and later baseball. After having played enthusiastically for a number of years, I started to focus on refereeing baseball games.

In addition to a professional training in the US, this brought me 500 games in the Dutch top league. I also have been able to lead games during many international tournaments; from European Championships and World Championships (including 2 World Cup finals) to my ultimate goal, the Olympic Games. In 2008 in Beijing I umpired my last game. After that I started to focus on running again.

To date there are 20 (inter) national marathons on my running resume (PB: 2.56.32 (2019)) and I have other challenges on my wish list.

Helping people

Per this broad sporting interest, I followed the 'Sports massage' (NGS) training course in 2012. Through application of the acquired techniques in practice, I became increasingly fascinated by the functioning of the body and how muscles, tendons and ligaments work, but sometimes also counterwork.

In order to obtain the latest techniques and insights, I took the full practice of this course again in 2016. In addition, I further expanded my knowledge through the courses Kinesio taping (also called 'Medical taping'), Lymphatic drainage, Fascia Release Therapy and Cranio Sacral Therapy. Especially the combination of all this ensures that you can really help people. From heel spurs to structurally stuck shoulder and neck muscles to stress headaches; it is the combination of applying different techniques that solves the issues and injuries.

In addition to my own practice at home, I also provide sports massage and injury treatment and prevention on Thursday evening at Eindhoven athletics, a track and field club with more than 1,500 athletes. Next to all applicable diplomas and certificates I also hold a Certificate of Conduct (Dutch: VOG) for treating children, elderly and disabled people.